PhotoPerfect Manual

Slide Show

This function enables you to put images from different folders together in the form of a slide show. Use drag&drop to pull the photos singly or in groups from the thumbnail view to the right place in the slide show list. You can also sort the list afterwards. Remove images from the list by pulling them out of it. The Exif description for an image can be changed by double-clicking it. The lists can be saved and reloaded. The time set in the dialog sets the delay between images during the show.

If the 'Sharpen' slider is set to more than zero, all images which are larger than the current screen resolution are sharpened to this extent before being reduced. The actual show is performed using the third party viewer FFV.exe. You can recall the operating instructions  by pressing the [F1] key. If an image is selected when the show  begins, that becomes the first image to be displayed.

You can pass on a slide show to other people by storing it on a CD. The Create CD option copies all the images of the currently loaded slide show to a folder of your choice and creates the necessary files including the viewer program FFV.exe for an Autostart CD. Under Windows XP the CD can be directly written to, in which case you must make sure to have a suitable medium in the CD drive.

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