PhotoPerfect Manual

Save as ...

When you click on the Save as ... symbol on the task bar and keep the mouse button pressed for a short while, a dropdown list of all possible storage formats is displayed. By selecting one of these formats you can open the dialog with the appropriate format.

The Save as ... dialog window is divided vertically. On the  left you will find the directory listing and a list of the files residing in the currently opened folder. Only those images are shown which correspond to the currently selected file format, i.e. to the selected tab in the right hand part.

There is a button above the directory listing which allows you to create a new folder. Next to this is a dropdown list of recently used paths. You can remove folders from this list by clicking with the left mouse button while pressing the [Ctrl] key.

The right hand part contains a preview of the image which is to be saved. The tabs below serve to switch image formats and set various parameters.

Pressing the Save button causes the image to be saved with the current settings and closes the dialog.

Via the Extended dropdown list you can send the image to your  web space using FTP. The list also allows you to increase/decrease the size of the dialog on the workbench. If the Image list type web directory exists, the image can be uploaded to the corresponding directory using the menu item Web directory. Also, you have access to various Preselection  possibilities for storing images. Finally, the Reset item serves to restore the parameters for the JPG and JP2 tabs to their original values.

Key combination: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [S]

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