PhotoPerfect Manual

Processing Resources

The Processing resources area gives you quick access to macros, batch processing routines and scripts. It can be toggled  on and off using the [F9] function key. The Context Menu provides additional functions (right mouse key).

Batch processing / macros

The most important difference between a batch file and a macro is that macros can only be applied to individual images. Batch routines, on the other hand, are applied to all the selected images in the thumbnail view. Before a batch routine is carried out, you will be asked to specify a folder for storing the images resulting from the operations.

Some batch files are supplied with PhotoPerfect. These serve two purposes: Firstly, they cover some useful basic functionalities. Secondly, you can use them as an aid to understanding how batch routines and macros function.

The context menu allows you to import new batch files, edit  existing ones or generate macros from batch routines. It is also possible to delete batch files and macros. Note that deleting a batch file always deletes any associated macro, as a macro only exists in association with a batch routine.

Setting the compression ratio

The Processing resources window contains a slider at the bottom which allows you to set the desired compression ratio for JPG images which are batch processed. The default compression ratio is obtained from the setting in the
Options  (Miscellaneous/Image editing) and must be reset here if required (once per session).


Here you can see all scripts which are integrated via the PPScript Editor. PhotoPerfect supplies some already. You can  import new scripts via the context menu (as zip, vbs, vbe, js and jse) also invoke automatic script configuration.

Photo formats

Shows all photo formats supported by the integrated print services, including the inactive ones. If you double-click one of these formats this invokes the Cut Dialog and the format is applied to the loaded image.


Shows all plugins if a corresponding path has been entered under Options. The plugins can be refreshed via the context  menu if new ones have been added (saving you from having to restart PhotoPerfect).


Shows all extensions - such as MonochromiX.

Key combination: [Ctrl] + [F9]

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