PhotoPerfect Manual

Print Index

To help you to keep track of your increasingly large collection of photographs, you can create and print index pages. To this end you select images in the thumbnail view from any directories and copy them using drag&drop to the index printing preview. The number of pages and the layout can be set as follows:

more columns Increases the number of columns per page by one (by reducing the index images).

fewer columns Decreases the number of columns per page by one (by magnifying the index images).

draw frame Draws a frame around each image.

sharpen images Sharpens images before they are sent to the printer.

edit header Separate headers for each page can be entered.

font Font and text color selection.

file name Prints the file name below each image.

date Prints the creation date below each image.

description Prints the Exif image description, if present, below each image.

print index Startet die Ausgabe der Index-Seiten an den Drucker.

printer settings Opens the standard dialog for selecting printer and settings.

The header of the index preview window shows the number of columns and rows per page, the number of pages and the total number of index images.
From the index preview, you can select images using the left mouse button. The right mouse button opens a context menu which allows you to remove the selected images.

Key combination: [Ctrl] + [I]