PhotoPerfect Manual


Some image files contain so-called IPTC data (IPTC = International Press Telecommunications Council) to aid the administration, updating and use of large image archives. With the help of appropriate software images can be searched and cataloged very rapidly according to given entries or keywords. The international IPTC standard was developed together with the NAA (Newspaper Association of America). For this reason, special characters such as umlauts should be avoided and replaced by alternative spellings (e.g. ae for ä, ue for ü etc.).

IPTC data can be stored in JPG and TIF files.

The PhotoPerfect dialog is divided into 5 tabs (Caption, Keywords, Categories, Credits and Origin). The following tables show how the IPTC data is used as well as the maximum number of characters allowed.

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Caption Tab
Keywords Tab
Categories Tab
Credits Tab
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