Photo Enhancement Software

at its best!

There is a large range of functions available in PhotoPerfect. Here you will find an extract of some of the most important ones.

Special functions
* NEW: 'Replace masked area': Insert masked image area from original image
* NEW: Import GPS data from an NMEA tracklist
* Save GPS information and import/export as Google Earth file
* MonochromiX extension for black & white (grayscale) conversion
* Improved support for Photoshop compatible plugins
* Exif overview data in status line
* Photo formats and plugins in processing resources
* Support for dual core processors
* Color management for monitor display and output on various devices
* Create stereo images
* Configurable multi-dialog for creating custom workflows
* Integrated FFView support for PocketPC
* Generate, edit and save Exif and IPTC data
* Excellent support for external print services
* Optimization for 16 bit (LCD) displays
* Direct execution of external image viewers and editors
* Custom keyboard assignments
* Measure and mark image content
* Customer specific extensions
* Slide show (under XP direct to CD)
* Integrated scripting machine for VB scripts and JScripts
* Generate mosaic images
* Integrated framing tool (with over 440 ready configured frames)

And lots of special file and image editing functions ...

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